About Scout Energy Partners

About Us

Scout Energy Partners is a private energy investment manager, focused on providing upstream oil and gas investments for institutional partners.

Our strategy focuses on sourcing, acquiring, optimizing and developing high-PDP, mature, long-lived producing conventional assets in specific geographies in the contiguous United States.

Scout has a preference for operated assets, with the potential to improve production and reduce costs through our in-depth operating expertise. We work to increase returns through operational improvements, operating cost reduction, scale economics, focused development and improved commodity product marketing. The strategy utilizes an experienced cross-disciplinary team of industry professionals with asset sourcing, underwriting, production operations, geology, reservoir development, land/leasing and midstream/commodity purchaser experience.

Scout evaluates properties from all sources, but focuses on non-marketed assets, or assets where the firm has a specific geographic or expertise advantage. We have established a rigorous process and a proprietary software system that allow us to identify, prioritize and close these opportunities.

Scout has completed over 50 acquisitions with over $1.5 billion in acquisition value since establishing its first institutional fund in 2011.

Our Operating Model

Scout does not utilize the traditional energy private equity model, with independent, branded, separately managed portfolio companies each with a unique strategy. As an operator, Scout directly acquires, integrates, oversees, operates and improves acquired assets through the life of each fund. Day-to-day operations are managed by Scout employees and field-level staff. Periodically Scout may acquire non-op assets managed by an independent operator, but Scout’s focus is on operated properties.

Our History

Scout was founded in 2009, and worked on an advisory basis to mid-sized operators and funds, evaluating over $1 billion in assets in the first 24 months and completing over $60 million in transactions.

From 2009-2011 Scout founders worked together to establish the blueprint for the fund investment strategy, growth plan and proprietaty sourcing process.

In 2011 Scout initiated its first direct investment fund for institutional investors. Fundraising was completed in 2012.

By 2014 Scout had established operations in Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma through 20 acquisitions and had grown to 45 headquarters and field staff.

In 2014 Scout completed fundraising for Scout II.

In 2016 Scout completed investing Scout II, adding to operations in Texas and establishing new operations in Montana.

In 2016 Scout also completed fundraising for Scout III.

In 2017 the firm completed investing Scout III, adding to operations in Texas and Kansas, and establishing operations in North Dakota.

In 2018 Scout has grown to over $1.2 billion in acquisitions, producing over 70,000 boepd from 600+ mmboe of reserves. Today the Scout team employs over 450 headquarters and field staff.